Consumer or Prosumer?

Well, which is it?  How do you view customers and your relationship with them amidst this great shift in consumer behavior?

“What is the difference between Consumer and Prosumer?”, you may ask.  Is this just semantics; more Internet ‘mumbo-jumbo’ or propaganda to keep us as business owners in the dark as to where our marketing dollars are disappearing to?  You ask very good questions!

By definition, Consumer is: “One that consumes, one that acquires goods or services salesman10 thumb Consumer or Prosumer?for direct use or ownership” or put another way, “A heterotrophic organism that ingests other organisms or organic matter in a food chain.”  It’s all about the sale, who cares about the person.  Ever been on the other end of that?  Wow, what a selfish, demeaning view of our valued customers, definitely web 1.0!

Now a Prosumer is: “One who is converse to the consumer, denoting an active role as the individual gets more involved in  the process.”  That’s right, we are interested in others 1st, sharing, giving, untitled thumb Consumer or Prosumer?earning their trust.  Hmm… you mean customers have feelings?  Opinions?  They are not just mindless “organisms” who just “consumes” matter?  (Yuck – who would want one of THOSE in your store.)  You better, if you want to have a store in the near future. 

World’s First PPC Manager for the iPhone

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image thumb1 World’s First PPC Manager for the iPhone

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