How Do You Get Backlinks Today?

Content…As you will see, Matt Cutts (Google) still encourages as we do at Perspective Internet Marketing, to have good, original, and authoritative content that people want to link to. Rules have changed these days for effective link building, and if you want to people to link to your website, you must be creative, have something “link worthy” in order to do so.  Sorry, but to have an effective search engine optimization campaign today takes work, and a lot of it. Remember, it’s all about relevancy, that’s part of Google’s algo, and it’s what the end user wants, so give it to them and you’ll be fine.  Listen closely as Matt gives great advice.
What are some effective link strategies you’d like to share?

hqdefault How Do You Get Backlinks Today?

What Are “Paid” Links?

Well, this has been a much “heated” debate lately, and it continued on at SMX this past week.  Matt Cutts came out and basically told us in the audience that if you are paying for a link, and that link has no relevance to your site, link equity will not flow or be passed onto you.  Simply put, if that link has no benefit to the user, then watch out.

Now there was a question that was asked about this scenario:

What if you want to be part of a chapter, association or the like that directly relates to your site,  is a good fit, they are a respected and trusted site, but require you to pay them to be a part of their chapter, association etc.. and as part of the “deal”,  they put a link on their site naming you as a member?  Well, they all agreed this is good and fine.  So everyone, don’t be afraid to buy links from sites that you feel will give the end user a good experience.

Nice to hear.

Linking – Re-designing, Outbound Links Can Affect Your Rankings

Today’s final track on linking included some of the brightest brains we know today, Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land, Nathan Buggia from MSN, Matt Cutts from Google, Pryank Garg from Yahoo!, Peter Linsley from ASK, Todd Malicoat & Rae Hoffman representing the SEM’s.

There were several discussions about how to preserve your link juice when you move a domain, re-design etc., The simple solution as was mentioned is to make sure your 301 redirects are in place.  Also, if you have a large site, you should move and re-direct in small chunks to determine the loss, or stability of your link equity.

Regarding outbound links, the panels comments somewhat puzzled me, that outbound links can affect your rankings? Say what?  Yes, that’s what I heard, but here is the qualifier.  If you link out to lots & lots of “bad neighborhood” sites, they pretty much said this can affect your link equity.  Obviously this is not happening all the time, however I did not know this.  So the point is just be careful right? Don’t start giving people your hard earned link juice if they are not worthy, especially if you are doing this thinking it will drive you traffic, or PR.  It won’t help your PR, it can hurt it (if you abuse it), you may get traffic, but the wrong traffic.  Nuff said!