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Where Are Cyber Monday Deals? Take A Look At These Web Sites!

cyber monday thumb Where Are Cyber Monday Deals? Take A Look At These Web Sites!

Cyber Monday 2008 is here! So where do you go for the best deals? Here are some of the best places to go that I found, as well as a few tips.  Oh, see the video to the right? Get some good reminders for shopping on Cyber Monday. Please bookmark this page so you can remember it, and tell others.

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Most popular web sites for Cyber Monday, 2008:

Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday – (Features over 550 major e-tailors)







Best Cyber Monday Sales





ebay Where Are Cyber Monday Deals? Take A Look At These Web Sites!


Ebay’s Special Cyber Monday page






Target’s special Cyber Monday page




twitter themes & backgounds Twitter themes (Backgrounds) Great deal on Cyber Monday.



Deal Taker

Deal Taker

Make Your Long Url’s Short Here!

Poll: Name One Internet Marketing Tactic You Would Suggest

Top Ten Internet Marketing Tactics

Top Ten Internet Marketing Tactics

Well, after much time has elapsed (My fault), I finally have a list of the top internet marketing tactics that some of my friends and colleagues have assembled.  These are tips they personally have used, and highly recommend no doubt because of positive results.  Before I list these however, let me fill you in on a few of the people that helped with this.

Alex Paen – Real estate agent in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Richard Perry – Web designer in Wilmington, North Carolina

David Wallace – CAD drawing, engineer, architectural drawing pro.

Kevin Dean – Social Media Marketing Pro in Grand Rapids, MI

Nigel Cox – Tech Support Analyst, Internet Marketing Pro.

Dan Guay – SEO Specialist in the US, Canada & UK

Russell Burr – Recruiter for Onward Search, the top SEO placement agency

Jim Kinkade – Sales Manager for Audio Acoustics, Springfield, MO

Tim Moore – Owner of, Wedding Photographer in Kansas City, MO

As you can see, these come from several backgrounds, but each one gave a fantastic tactic, so here is the list!

Green Communities, Our Future Villages?

Recently I have taken on a very interesting task, that of marketing for a website featuring green communities, and/or sustainable communities. This is very educational, yet eye opening. It has dawned on me that the future of the earth is now. Yes, that’s a deep comment isn’t it! Well every now and then it serves good mental health to step back and appreciate how you help websites, especially with a strong message like Eco communities, or our future villages. Take a look at their blog as well, it will keep you posted on eco development news across the US. For an interesting summary of the future of Sustainable Communities, you have to take a look at this Knol, a new “wikipedia type” directory from Google.

Good health to you!

Take a look at the Links on the site:

Green Builders In The US

Green Building Criteria

Green Resources

Green News

Rapping About Web Design

You have to check this out! This video is off the hizzy, nizzy ma-nizzle! His name is Mo, and he works for an internet marketing company called Poplabs, and is known in the YouTube community, and SEM field as the Poetic Prophet (AKA The SEO Rapper).

Skype 3.8 for Windows now in Beta

Skype has announced the beta version of Skype 3.8 for Windows, which contains an improved and optimized audio library. No need to lower your voice here. Let rip, for speaking your mind never sounded so good on Skype before.Here’s the main improvements:

— Significantly reduced background noise
— Less delay
— Fewer call drops
— Fewer cut-outs
— Change your headset, headphones or microphone without having to fiddle with settings

Now, give the new beta version a try (if you have a VOIP phone) go ahead and download it.


Laptop Skins are the Hottest Accessories!

We pitched this idea to Danny Sullivan, as well as Google, about handing 5249bcedd4279c3a321acaa2cfb4e243.image.350x262 Laptop Skins are the Hottest Accessories!out laptop and notebook skins with their logo’s on them.  That would be pretty slick marketing tool for them (or any of us really – watch for the redvwbus one coming soon!).  It really makes your laptop stand out from the dull sea of plain gray lids of Dell, HP, Sony and even the Mac’s. “bleck!”

To ride this developing wave, a number of companies are already doing this.  This really is part of the whole social media thing going on, being an individual and expressing yourself.  By choosing anything from your favorite hobbies or interests to jazz up your laptop this is just another way to set yourself apart.  Here are just a few sites where you can find some pretty nice designs to spice up that boring gray laptop lid.

If you have a Dell, check out here for custom skins:

Happy shopping!

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