Measuring Social Media Behavior – How?

I have been chewing on this for some time and is partially the reason why I have chosen to attend SOMA, because I want to really understand this, and I have also grown cold to much of the empty advice out there, along with all the spam I get promising me that I can “Use Twitter to make Millions Today!” or “From Facebook to Your Checkbook in 30 minutes!”, (Yuck, I am making myself sick.)

So, I was happy to see this important subject on our agenda in class last week, and we began dissecting this idea, and will further this week. 

The session started off with a truism; “What you can measure you can manage, and what you can manage get’s done.”   Obviously, we know that.  To be effective as a social media consultant, more is needed than just getting 1,000’s of people on your wall,  page views, video downloads, popularity rankings, or the number of DM’s you get each day.  It’s about measuring personal interactions, what method of user-generated content is working and which isn’t, then adjusting.  Online consumer response and market interaction is much more dynamic than the old school ways of SEO, they just don’t work. (BTW: clarification – SEO and social media – not the same thing)

Why Put Video on My Website?

Video search as I commented before in our blog, will provide driving growth that marketers will need to consider. Today I noticed interesting changes in Google’s search engine results. The sponsored ads to the right are in a full yellow box, and right below them appears YouTube videos, and news articles, just like they said they would at SMX, in fact Tim wrote about this here. They are also appearing in the top 10 results in the organic listings, so basiclly, the video gets two recognitions!

I won’t go on about ‘Stats’ showing why you need to put video in your website, but let me reason with you a bit as to why you had better get on the stick.

Think about this, when you are sitting on your couch, like Tim does all day, watching your favorite athlete (Me) are you interested in commercials? No! you are in “lean back” and “Chill” mode aren’t you? That’s because you are in “sports watching mode”.

Conversely, when you are on the internet, you are likely in “search” mode, you are looking for a service, product, or educational feedback, thus you are in ‘Lean forward’ mode, and are more inclined to view videos, or video commercials right! Yes, just agree with me, you are in the search process.

Are You Ready To Put Video On Your Website?


You want to make a web video? Well, are you? With the trend moving toward videos being an organic search engine result, as well as a Google Adwords option, I suggest you start thinking of adding a video to your website.
I do not claim to be an expert on making videos, but I have several resources that do. If you are considering video, there are some things you may wish to consider first.