World’s First PPC Manager for the iPhone

Acquisio SEARCH is proud to unveil the world’s first PPC management solution with support for the iPhone. Acquisio provides a unique dashboard view of the performance of every PPC account that your agency manages at Google, Yahoo and MSN AdCenter.  Check it out, this is the perfect tool for executives who want to keep a bird’s eye view on their agency, or individual clients, while on the road, while in their bathrobe, or while at the Lakers game, very handy!

image thumb1 World’s First PPC Manager for the iPhone

See more and take a live demo here:

Google Ads now for Mobile Devices

Google is now formatting AdWords text and image ads for Android and iPhone mobile browsers. The ads can include mobile-only calls to action, and can be created from standard Google ads run on the Web.  More at the Google Mobile blogt Google Ads now for Mobile Devices.


Google Rolls Out SEO Starter Guide

Google SEO Guide

Google recently announced on their webmasters blog,  a 22 page pdf of best practices for search engine optimization.  Now since I am an SEO, I closely examined the information, and really do recommend anyone who would like to perform their own SEO, take a look this article, because it is what I teach, and practice to the “T.”  I do however take issue with #6, I’ll talk about that below the list.

What topics are covered in Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide?

  1. Difference between organic, and paid traffic.
  2. Creating unique, accurate page titles.
  3. Good practices for page title tags.
  4. Make use of the “description” meta tag.
  5. Good practices for description meta tags.
  6. Improve the structure of your URLs.
  7. Good practices for URL structure.
  8. Make your site easier to navigate.
  9. Good practices for site navigation.
  10. Offer quality content and services.
  11. Good practices for content.
  12. Write better anchor text.
  13. Use heading tags appropriately (H1 tags etc.)
  14. Good practices for heading tags.
  15. Optimize your use of images.
  16. Good practices for images.
  17. Make effective use of robots.txt file.

Google Announces Improved Flash Site Crawling?

Yeah right.  Sure, this may help to some degree, however if you read these articles from their blog, it seems they are “Improving” or “doing a better job” at crawling flash web sites.  I personally would still never invest in a complete flash site…..Content is still king!  In fact, that is one aspect of this new algo they rolled out, to index flash “textual” content.

Take a look at these articles:

Google Learns to crawl flash

Improved flash indexing

By the way, if you notice the title of these articles, “Learns” and “improved” that should tell you not to drop everything and go build a flash site.  Personally I feel they are sending a wrong message.

Google Testing Images On Google Product Queries?

I just happened to do some random searches today only to find that when you do a search for a part number, of specific search on a product, they are showing an image next to the three results that appear on the first page of SERP’s. Obviously this is a further step towards Google’s Universal search, or “Blended Search” as some call it. I think this will certainly create more clickthroughs on Google products. Remember tests have shown that an image is more likely to get a click. Take a sneak peek below:  (Picture coming soon, it dissipeared on me???)

Google Say’s Goodbye To Performics (Marketing)

It was announced today by Google and Matt Cutts blog that they are going sell the Internet Marketing aspect of Performics to a third party to avoid a conflict of interest.  Woo Hoo!!  I think we are all glad to hear about that.

Read more about this below:

Google’s Blog

Search Engine land

Why Put Video on My Website?

Video search as I commented before in our blog, will provide driving growth that marketers will need to consider. Today I noticed interesting changes in Google’s search engine results. The sponsored ads to the right are in a full yellow box, and right below them appears YouTube videos, and news articles, just like they said they would at SMX, in fact Tim wrote about this here. They are also appearing in the top 10 results in the organic listings, so basiclly, the video gets two recognitions!

I won’t go on about ‘Stats’ showing why you need to put video in your website, but let me reason with you a bit as to why you had better get on the stick.

Think about this, when you are sitting on your couch, like Tim does all day, watching your favorite athlete (Me) are you interested in commercials? No! you are in “lean back” and “Chill” mode aren’t you? That’s because you are in “sports watching mode”.

Conversely, when you are on the internet, you are likely in “search” mode, you are looking for a service, product, or educational feedback, thus you are in ‘Lean forward’ mode, and are more inclined to view videos, or video commercials right! Yes, just agree with me, you are in the search process.