Marketing Today Takes a Digital Approach

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The marketing landscape has evolved today for a certainty. Internet marketing has grown up to include more than search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and local search. When considering advertising options today, it’s critical to include a suite of digital options such as social media, content marketing, and digital PR solutions. What are these solutions? Well, to keep up on the latest trends, we recommend a variety of resources to do so such as Mashable, or Search Engine Land. These two resources alone can provide enough advice on how to approach your marketing with digital additives to fuel your initiatives.

Of course there are several agency opportunities to assist with your plans. Many times full service companies can provide a better mix of tools, and skill sets that you are just unable to execute. There are several digital marketing agencies in Wilmington, NC such as SayItSocial that we highly recommend. SIS began as a full service internet marketing company back in 2004. Since then, it has become a local leader in offering a suite of digital advertising solutions such as SEO, PPC, HubSpot content generation, PR and social media marketing. Of course local and mobile are integral in anyone’s strategy, they offer several custom options for this as well.

Successful Twitter MeetUp In Wilmington!

What a fun night last night!  nearly 50 Wilmington residents assembled at Howe Creek offices near Mayfair to listen to some top notch Twitter advice.  For a new twist, we also streamed the Meetup in live broadcast using UStream.tv, and had 10 people watching live from various parts of North Carolina, including Colorado! 

Our focus on this Twitter MeetUp was to field questions from the audience people had about Twitter, then our stellar panel answered them.

Questions ranged from “Why use Twitter”,  “Using Twitter for business” and “What are your favorite applications for Twitter."  Some applications discussed last night included Twollo, Tweet Deck, twhirl, and Twitter grader.  Do you have a favorite Twitter application? We want to hear, please leave it in a comment below!
One other neat announcement was Shannan Bowen telling us about the Star News launching a new section of their site listing their Twitter users, and local “tweeps”, here it is: http://www.starnewsonline.com/section/news41

Special thanks to our panelists Bruce Brown of Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty, Steve Harrell of Sophic, Shannan Bowen of the Wilmington Star News, and William Lang of Port City Color Copy handled the Ustream PC and fielded questions that came in via the Internet. Oh, I was there of course, Ty Downing with Perspective Internet Marketing and SayItSocial.

Video: Twitters Spectacular Growth – Co-Founder Evan Williams

Is Twitter a passing fad? After watching this video, I would love to get your opinion…

Wilmington Twestival Was a Complete Success!


For those of you who came out last night, (over 60 people) our Wilmington Twestival was an incredible display of how social media can impact people, and organizations for the good. Twestivals were held simultaneously last night (February 13, 2009) for Charity: Water, in an effort to raise awareness, and donations for cleaner water in under-developed lands. Twitter was the main “tool” of social media we used to organize this event in literally 10 days..amazing.  Pictures of last night are at bottom of this post, if you have any to add to this, send them!  Leave comments too.

How much did our Twestival Raise?

We just got our final donation called in this morning from Ana Dawson, with Pre-Paid Legal Services, she and her associates donated $220, and plan on giving a total of $500.00! So with that amount and 100% donations off ticket sales last night we will be able to donate $1,205.00!!!

Our goal was $4,000, but in all honesty, we met, and exceeded our goal. This amount will help fund clean drinking water for 1000’s of people, Wilmington, we should be proud! Remember this was a global event, I can’t wait to see the total numbers from the over 180 cities….Be sure to visit the Twestival site, and Charity: Water site for details soon.

Twestival 2009 – Wilmington, NC – Are You Coming?

We are just a couple of days away from one incredible world-wide event called Twestival.  What will happen Thursday February 12th, 2009 at Port City Pub here in Wilmington, NC?

What else, any prizes? Of course.  The first 50 people in the door get a free t-shirt!  After that, a donation of $5.00 per shirt.  There will also be raffles going on, here are some other prizes being given.

Please, please come.  Help us reach our goal of $4,000.00, the price to fund the building of one well in Africa…

Where do I get my tickets? Please go here.  Looking forward to seeing you Thursday!

In the meantime, take a look at our local promotional video, as this will about bring you to tears, and explain why we are doing this.

Twestival Is Coming To My Home Town, Wilmington, NC!

Hello everybody,
Have you heard the buzz around Wilmington, NC, the city I live in? I know you have heard of Twitter, the social media tool ‘phenom’ right?
Well guess what, "Twestival" is coming to Wilmington next week! Instead of our Meetup this week, I will be organizing the finishing touches on this worldwide fund raising event for an organization called Charity: Water. Wilmington will be host to 1 out of 175 cities worldwide on February 12th, 2009.
I personally invite all of you to attend.  No, you don’t have to be a ‘Twitter’er’, so just take a look at the following websites to get more information, but for now 100% of proceeds go to the charity, tickets are only $15.00 and includes food, entertainment, prizes, and beer… More details below….please especially view the video, and visit our site!
I look forward to having you there if you can make it!
What is Twestival? Where does the monies for my ticket go? Take a look.
More details, and where do I get tickets? Take a look here.

videod4748daea392 Twestival Is Coming To My Home Town, Wilmington, NC!


video18b9b7564065 Twestival Is Coming To My Home Town, Wilmington, NC!

Web Site Reviews At Our Wilmington Meetup!

Meetup Image I am pretty excited about our second SEO/SEM Meetup group being held tonight, December 4th, in my hometown of Wilmington, NC.  This Meetup will be focusing on reviewing 3 locally owned web sites listed below.  

By combining several years of Internet marketing experience as well as web design experience, the review panel hopes to give these site owners some valuable advice to help get them traffic, and improve overall looks of their web site.  Here are the 3 sites we will review;

1- www.coastal-mail.com
2- www.urbanbabygear.com
3- www.crossfitcoastal.com

Do you have any advice for these sites? I would love to hear from you..

Who will be on the review panel?

Richard PerryAkira Media, Web designer in Wilmington,NC
Megan CrissWilmington SEO, Search Engine Optimization Company
Jayson ConwayInternet Marketing
Ty DowningPerspective Internet Marketing, Wilmington, NC

Hopefully we will post some pictures of the evenings event!

Web Designers and Internet Marketers Can Get Along

It’s true. When you typically think of IT type people and marketing people, you sometimes think of right brain/left brain reactions right? Well, I am glad to have as a connection, and colleague, Richard Perry from Akira Media web design in Wilmington, NC.  Our working together is PROOF that we can all get along, us SEO’s and web designers.  Akira media web design

Now I am not totally sure if he agrees that he is an "IT" guy, so I can’t wait to see his comments, but semantics aside, the bottom line is that you can, and should get along with each other to effectively reach your intended results, CLIENT SATISFACTION.

You see, if you are an search marketer and have a working relationship with your web designer,  more than likely you will be able to tackle a client with experience, and accomplish the most good for the client.  In addition, I can say working with Richard on projects, he knows what to expect from me, and I know what to expect from him, so we save tons of time.

Everybody, Meet Coach Reggie!

Coach Reggie!

Yesterday I had the rare privilege of being a guest host on “Coach Reggie’s” weekly radio show here in my hometown. If you are looking for a business coach in Wilmington, NC, or anywhere (I think he does this nationally) you need to talk to Reggie.

What does he do? Check this out, Reggie Shropshire is a certified Wilmington Business Coach with ActionCOACH, the World’s #1  Business Coaching Franchise (Entrepreneur Magazine, Jan. 2004 & 2005).

Business Coach In Wilmington, NC

He focuses on 5 key areas to help a business succeed (But not limited to)

It’s so funny how I met Reggie, the Internet through “Word of Mouse!” You see he teaches fundamental principles to his clients that dove tails into what I do, so when we met last week, within minutes we added another notch in our network circle. He sees the power of the Internet, social media, and teaches, preaches this to his clients. He and I are a classic example of the power of the Internet and networking.  In fact, he is even hosting a seminar September 2nd, 2008 here in Wilmington entitled “Turning Social Media from Sociable to Profitable.”  (Sign up here if you can go) Finally, someone that gets it!

Internet Marketing MeetUp Group In Wilmington Now!

I am pleased to finally say there is a Wilmington, NC Search Engine Optimization (SEO) MeetUp group now in the Port City!

Click here to check out
The Wilmington Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing Group!