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As you already know, the spring 2009 semester for the Social Media Academy’s leadership certification starts this Friday, January 23rd.  Xeequa issued a press release yesterday that has already been picked up by most major news agencies.  Also, it was kind of them to spotlight us in the testimonials section.  We have already received a number of inquiries and the classes haven’t even started, it is great to see the interest and we appreciate all the tweets and emails, keep them coming!   What a nice way to start the work week. 

istock_dontforget REMINDER: Beginning this Friday, and through the entire SOMA semester, I will be updating daily the latest we are learning.  So, stay tuned! 




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Create Your Own Social Community!

Just a few years ago customers had little choice or options available to them when it came to educating themselves on specific topics.  They would search for ways to have discussions with industry ‘experts’,  pay for subscriptions to ‘leading’ publications and really absorb whatever information they could get their hands on from vendors or associates to form some sort of idea of how to proceed properly in their area of interest.  Many times, we all felt this, we had too little to go on, spent hours searching and not satisfied with the results, finding too little specific information to help us.

Well, times have changed!  Today we all get educated through the "Social eyepod thumb Create Your Own Social Community!Web" by reading blogs, checking our social networks, join forums, participating in groups and virtual communities, and a host of other pipelines to keep us connected with our trusted friends and colleagues, those whose opinions matter to us.  In fact, an area Tim and I see exploding, is the creation of vertical SMN’s, specific to a niche or target group.

For example, pictured to the left here is a social community we just finished for Stephanie  Moore Photography.  She is thrilled with it and has already a growing membership of individuals who share her passion for photography. 

Introducing – Mason Landing Yacht Club, Wilmington, NC

What a fantastic client we have. Mason Landing Yacht Club is one heck of a community, and the amenities they offer will be plenty. Our goal will be to drive potential buyers to the site, and encourage them to invest in an exclusive waterfront community in Wilmington, NC. This will be a fun project, and I am sure along the way I will post findings, and cool techniques to get them traffic!

Take a look at their location, and website. The site was designed by Wilmington’s best web design company, Akira Media.

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