‘Search Exchange’ Internet Marketing Conference in NC!

speaking240 Search Exchange Internet Marketing Conference in NC!
In just over a month, Charlotte, NC will be hosting a much needed search marketing conference called Search Exchange. It’s focus will be on Marketing on the Internet (SEO.SEM.PPC) and Social Media combined. Typically we attend search expos around the country such as SMX, and PubCon, but North Carolina always seems to get the short end, so instead of flying around the country, this is in our backyard…we are thrilled!

We are also proud to announce that our very own, Ty Downing, CEO of Perspective Internet Marketing will be a speaker on day 2 of the event reviewing some powerful case studies on the effects of an effective social media strategy from redbox, and SUBWAY sponsored Slim Down Challenge.

It’s not every day you get Chris Brogan from New Marketing Labs as a keynote speaker this close either. There are several more ‘Rock Stars’ of Internet Marketing and Social Media going to converge May 17th-19th 2010, so you best get your tickets now, tickets are selling fast! Here is ticket info.

We hope to see you there!

Welcome MetroMom Online Success TeleSummit Visitors!

metrologo1 thumb Welcome MetroMom Online Success TeleSummit Visitors! If you found your way here from the MetroMom Telesummit going on now, I would like to thank you for dropping by! If you are here because you found us, please stay around too! I mentioned a few things to you such as the video talking about the “Canonical Issues”, this is to your right.
I also talked about the post with the blog tips, and SEO tips, well here it is.  Please take time on my blog to view the variety of tips you will get on search engine marketing.

As suggested in my handout and my interview with Kim, please sign up for my blog feed to keep up on the latest tips for Search Engine Marketing.

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Don’t Forget Kim DeYoung has some powerful offerings you will want to choose from below.

In addition to this blog, I own several websites dealing with internet & social media marketing.  I also belong to several social media sites, and networks and would love to become your friend and follower!

Wilmington Twestival Was a Complete Success!


For those of you who came out last night, (over 60 people) our Wilmington Twestival was an incredible display of how social media can impact people, and organizations for the good. Twestivals were held simultaneously last night (February 13, 2009) for Charity: Water, in an effort to raise awareness, and donations for cleaner water in under-developed lands. Twitter was the main “tool” of social media we used to organize this event in literally 10 days..amazing.  Pictures of last night are at bottom of this post, if you have any to add to this, send them!  Leave comments too.

How much did our Twestival Raise?

We just got our final donation called in this morning from Ana Dawson, with Pre-Paid Legal Services, she and her associates donated $220, and plan on giving a total of $500.00! So with that amount and 100% donations off ticket sales last night we will be able to donate $1,205.00!!!

Our goal was $4,000, but in all honesty, we met, and exceeded our goal. This amount will help fund clean drinking water for 1000’s of people, Wilmington, we should be proud! Remember this was a global event, I can’t wait to see the total numbers from the over 180 cities….Be sure to visit the Twestival site, and Charity: Water site for details soon.

Twestival 2009 – Wilmington, NC – Are You Coming?

We are just a couple of days away from one incredible world-wide event called Twestival.  What will happen Thursday February 12th, 2009 at Port City Pub here in Wilmington, NC?

What else, any prizes? Of course.  The first 50 people in the door get a free t-shirt!  After that, a donation of $5.00 per shirt.  There will also be raffles going on, here are some other prizes being given.

Please, please come.  Help us reach our goal of $4,000.00, the price to fund the building of one well in Africa…

Where do I get my tickets? Please go here.  Looking forward to seeing you Thursday!

In the meantime, take a look at our local promotional video, as this will about bring you to tears, and explain why we are doing this.

Did Social Media Marketing Help Get Obama Elected?

If you know me well, I do not get involved with politics, nor talk about it.  This post is simply stating some facts, and the gross reality that social media is extremely powerful, and no doubt helped Obama into the White House.  Before we get into those details, I thought I would have some fun first to show how different the White House web site looks today compared to 2000.  Below are snapshots of the White House web site back in February 2000, and what it looks like today, January 20th, 2009.

What to look for?  First, take a look at this miserable, yet effective for the day, web site for the White House in 2000.  It accomplished everything it was supposed to for the day.  Amazing when you think this was only 9 years ago!  No contact us button, no interaction, just a few links, but it worked for the times.

wh2000 thumb Did Social Media Marketing Help Get Obama Elected?

Now take a look at the 2009 White House web site, you see any changes? Of course! Obama has stressed he wants a “transparent” administration, one that is based on feedback, and interaction, and had ordered the new WH site to reflect that.  So take a look at the “Social” aspects of this site, I have highlighted them in red.

Where Are Cyber Monday Deals? Take A Look At These Web Sites!

cyber monday thumb Where Are Cyber Monday Deals? Take A Look At These Web Sites!

Cyber Monday 2008 is here! So where do you go for the best deals? Here are some of the best places to go that I found, as well as a few tips.  Oh, see the video to the right? Get some good reminders for shopping on Cyber Monday. Please bookmark this page so you can remember it, and tell others.

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Most popular web sites for Cyber Monday, 2008:

Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday – (Features over 550 major e-tailors)







Best Cyber Monday Sales





ebay Where Are Cyber Monday Deals? Take A Look At These Web Sites!


Ebay’s Special Cyber Monday page






Target’s special Cyber Monday page




twitter themes & backgounds Twitter themes (Backgrounds) Great deal on Cyber Monday.



Deal Taker

Deal Taker

Web Designers and Internet Marketers Can Get Along

It’s true. When you typically think of IT type people and marketing people, you sometimes think of right brain/left brain reactions right? Well, I am glad to have as a connection, and colleague, Richard Perry from Akira Media web design in Wilmington, NC.  Our working together is PROOF that we can all get along, us SEO’s and web designers.  Akira media web design

Now I am not totally sure if he agrees that he is an "IT" guy, so I can’t wait to see his comments, but semantics aside, the bottom line is that you can, and should get along with each other to effectively reach your intended results, CLIENT SATISFACTION.

You see, if you are an search marketer and have a working relationship with your web designer,  more than likely you will be able to tackle a client with experience, and accomplish the most good for the client.  In addition, I can say working with Richard on projects, he knows what to expect from me, and I know what to expect from him, so we save tons of time.

SMX Update – What Is The Golden Triangle? Blended Search?

In short, this is part of the new “Blended Results” revolution. I attended a track today at SMX on video, images, and blended results, which emphasized how critical it will be in the coming year to saturate the golden triangle (Based on algorithmic calculations).

What exactly is the golden triangle, and how do you get there?

The Golden triangle as explained is a new term attached to getting results in the top positions of the SERP but with a twist. What’s the twist?

Video, Images, Blogs!

Blended search has drastically changed the landscape of how companies and search marketers will want to proceed with their marketing efforts. Eye tracking studies have recently shown tremendous changes in how people react to blended search.

In fact, one speaker today showed that users scanning patterns changed big time when an image was shown in the results page, their eyes immediately dropped to the image!

You see, search engines (MSN is actually best) are now including blog articles, news items, images, and videos in the SERP’s, so if you want to be in the Golden triangle today, you NEED to start focusing on getting your blog articles, images, news or videos indexed so as to hopefully have a dominating appearance in this area.

New Yahoo Open Search Platform Announced Publicly Today!

Yahoo Open Search Platform picture

For the first time in public, Tim and I heard the announcement today from Amit Kumar, director of product management at Yahoo search.  I shot the whole announcement in video and will post this later.  But for now here is the short list of this huge announcement and the improvements:

If you look at the picture I took today, you can see what I mean from the bullet points.  More to come later!!