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Relationships Trump Self Promotion/Selling – Social Media Is Changing Everything

It’s amazing how the landscape of the internet is evolving, especially with regards social media.  The way we do business these days has changed, and unless you change your old ways of doing business, you will become extinct.. (Video Below, you must watch!)

Never since the 1800’s has this country seen such a "Social economy" shift, so it’s vital to get involved in social media, that is where people are, your community, your customers are hanging out.
Social media engagement is all about trust, if they know you, trust you, they will buy from you period. Remember "Advocacy" is your $$ ROI. If they like you as person, "they" will tell people about you and your services, thus you should not come across as ’selling’, but be a ‘contributor’.

One last tip…Don’t just ‘Fire’ and throw yourself into social media and barrage people with your services, links, etc..Remember this point: "You never get a second chance at a first impression"

I invite you to watch this video (Afterward, leave a comment if you agree or disagree with the video), as it beautifully explains the change in business practices.  It’s about the relationship between an advertiser and a consumer. They’ve agreed to meet in a restaurant. The man’s feeling perfectly happy, until the woman makes a painful announcement: she wants a divorce… what happens.

Poll: Name One Internet Marketing Tactic You Would Suggest

Top Ten Internet Marketing Tactics

Top Ten Internet Marketing Tactics

Well, after much time has elapsed (My fault), I finally have a list of the top internet marketing tactics that some of my friends and colleagues have assembled.  These are tips they personally have used, and highly recommend no doubt because of positive results.  Before I list these however, let me fill you in on a few of the people that helped with this.

Alex Paen – Real estate agent in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Richard Perry – Web designer in Wilmington, North Carolina

David Wallace – CAD drawing, engineer, architectural drawing pro.

Kevin Dean – Social Media Marketing Pro in Grand Rapids, MI

Nigel Cox – Tech Support Analyst, Internet Marketing Pro.

Dan Guay – SEO Specialist in the US, Canada & UK

Russell Burr – Recruiter for Onward Search, the top SEO placement agency

Jim Kinkade – Sales Manager for Audio Acoustics, Springfield, MO

Tim Moore – Owner of, Wedding Photographer in Kansas City, MO

As you can see, these come from several backgrounds, but each one gave a fantastic tactic, so here is the list!

Search Engine Optimization Services, Wilmington, NC

What a bland title, search engine optimization services Wilmington, NC..Why this title?  Well, this happens to be the city I live in, and I have been pleasantly surprised at the interest lately with internet marketing, namely SEO here.
There are just a few web marketing companies here, and just a couple seem to cater towards focusing on search engine marketing, but I think Wilmington is growing up!  This is something I have been waiting for for about 4 years now!  In the last year, I have received more inquries for my services here more than ever, and just the last month or two, an overwhelming amount.  I say bring it…We need to grow up here in Wilmington, and need to realize the time is now to optimize your site, and I am more than happy to help!  If you want to go at it alone, remember we also offer internet marketing training in Wilmington, NC!

Have You Mined Your Own Search Engine?

Site Search Engine Box Picture

If you are in the online retail business, and have an internal search engine, have you thought about ‘mining’ your own search results keywords & phrases? Let me tell you, you can strike gold with a plethora of qualified keywords, from human results, actual visitors to your site.

A couple of weeks ago while attending SMX, I was eating breakfast before the session and struck up a conversation with a gentleman named Ed Hoffman, VP of sales at Sli-Systems. This company is incredible; basically they utilize a patented search technology that actually “learns” from past site searches to your site by tracking visitors’ search queries and click thrus, then this system compiles data that gives you relevant search results based on popularity. I was shocked! I never even thought about doing this. This is a gold mine of targeted search results, in your own back pocket!

After researching this further, I found that when people use your search engine, they expect to find what they came there to look for on the first page, or they’ll abandon the site. Sli-Systems claims their learning search technology can help keep people on your site 95% of the time by learning behaviors of search terms, then making keyword adjustments to your backend, or content management system. I believe it!

Layoffs for! – Is Panicky? Picture

Today there was some startling news to some, but obvious news to others. announced through the associated press, that they are laying off about 40 employee’s, and shifting their focus by creating a women’s site. Yes, a women’s site! They want to abandon their attempt to compete with Google, and try to compete in a niche area or market, that is married women seeking “management” in their lives. What this exactly means is not clear to me, but hey, we’ll see what they come up with. They have initially said the will focus on their core original focus, kids stuff, hobies, sharing recipes and more. Personally, I think it’s a great move because has a fantastic product, but just has not caught on as a search engince contender, however if they utilize their genious of their search engine in this arena, I think they could easliy dominate this niche market….Women!

Read the entire AP article here.

SMX Update – What Is The Golden Triangle? Blended Search?

In short, this is part of the new “Blended Results” revolution. I attended a track today at SMX on video, images, and blended results, which emphasized how critical it will be in the coming year to saturate the golden triangle (Based on algorithmic calculations).

What exactly is the golden triangle, and how do you get there?

The Golden triangle as explained is a new term attached to getting results in the top positions of the SERP but with a twist. What’s the twist?

Video, Images, Blogs!

Blended search has drastically changed the landscape of how companies and search marketers will want to proceed with their marketing efforts. Eye tracking studies have recently shown tremendous changes in how people react to blended search.

In fact, one speaker today showed that users scanning patterns changed big time when an image was shown in the results page, their eyes immediately dropped to the image!

You see, search engines (MSN is actually best) are now including blog articles, news items, images, and videos in the SERP’s, so if you want to be in the Golden triangle today, you NEED to start focusing on getting your blog articles, images, news or videos indexed so as to hopefully have a dominating appearance in this area.

I Can’t Wait For SMX – California Here We Come!

SMX West

Well, it’s just a few days away, and I can hardly wait. My brother (Tim) and I will be attending Search Marketing Expo West in Santa Clara California. Today I spent time reviewing the sessions I want to attend, so many good ones though!! I want to spend much of my time in sessions related to online videos, local search, and pay per click tips and tricks.

I will try my best to keep up on the blogging, I have several friends that want to hear all the current trends. A good friend and colleague Corey Creed at Hippo Internet Marketing wants me to key in on the latest talk of Web 3.0, and the secret search engine!

Are there any topics you would like for me to take special note of? Please let me know!