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PPC – Still Effective?

In my SOMA class today this subject came up and I think after considering the topic thoroughly it’s an important one to talk about.  Considering that Money Talks and many budgets (or “Google dollars”) have been frozen due to the economy and fragile financial outlook with the Dow up and down like a yo-yo,  as IM professionals, it merits some discussion so I am posting it here for your consideration.

First, we know that specifically targeted, well thought out PPC campaigns often can jumpstart a new site or service.  Second, we also agree that we have all used PPC and have had mixed results (this is important since often we are spending some else’s money). So, although PPC is important in the ppc-downtraditional SEO/SEM realm, (and despite Google’s ongoing and changing statements in support of them) CTR reports are revealing that for the dollars spent, this is not very efficient way to allocate marketing budget dollars.  Also, it’s important to know that this should not surprise us since suspicions of this are nothing new.  In fact, many who specialize in PPC campaigns have been noticing this for some time, like Don Lim who wrote a spot on article on this back in November 2007 entitled Google AdSense losing its effectiveness?!

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