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Google Places Now Allows Business Owners To Leave Responses

Well it’s about time. For so many in hospitality, restaurant or other service related businesses, this is good news. It appears this new feature was rolled out today without warning, in fact one of our clients, Islander Inn Hotel, Ocean Isle Beach, informed me!
What I like about this new addition is no longer is the establishment at the mercy of a disgruntled ex-employee, or a stubborn guest/patron who likes to leave negative or unfounded remarks.
There are however some ethical reminders business owners want to consider, just so your response does not come back and bite you.
Google has some good information on that regard here. Also, take a look at these ground rules.

If you need help with your Google local listing, or all of your local search ’stuff’ don’t forget to look at our local search page, we’ll help you.

Take a look at the new addition:

islander inn reviews1 Google Places Now Allows Business Owners To Leave Responses

Got A Business? Get Listed In Local Search Engines, and Yelp!

While attending a track at SMX last week, there was a fantastic panel discussing how important local search will be this year. A few of the highlights are listed below;

Did you know this? Google & other local search engines focus on (Proximity) the center of a city in determining results, and then rank those sites within this area. Seems unfair if you have an outlying business right? Why do they do this? Here is what they said. The major search engines need business owners to sign up to their local search services so they can continue to enhance, and improve on local search. So the bottom line is that they have limited resources and are literally begging owners to sign up so they can improve! By the way, if you need help with this, we can always help you, click here for local search sign-up help.


Yelp- Local Search Site

Power Of Multiple Websites Under One Business

One of my clients followed up on some advice I gave, actually it was a combined effort but one that I learned from my colleague at Hippo Internet Marketing. The advice was to create multiple web sites each with a different focus in the furnishings world. You see his priority business or website has been his local Budget Blinds site here in Wilmington, NC selling blinds and window treatments.

Because of competition, and lack of attention given to other features and services he offers, we decided to create 5 additional sites in addition to the main Budget Blinds site, to accommodate other niche areas of his business, drapery, awnings, closet systems, and shutters.

The great thing about this is he can pool the link equity (juice) of each of these sites, make custom landing pages, title tags, meta tags, and really focus hard on these topics. All of this equals a mini “hub” if you will, and he could potentially dominate the local search results for the respective keywords and or services. Below are the sites he made, and the business they offer, remember they all link to each other….talk about excellent cross marketing!

What Is Kijiji? Is Craigslist Doomed?


Have you guys seen this?  Ebay has been increasingly taking ground on their new brainchild kijiji, a free classifieds site  in an attempt to compete with Craigslist. 

Launched last summer, it still has time to grow, but take note of this,  since last summer, the U.S. site  has grown from 362,000 visitors in July, 2007 to 1.8 million in January, according to comScore!!  Below are some charts showing their growth.  The bottom chat however shows they still have some time to compete with Craigslist, but they have a good thing going.

Hey Tim, what do you think?  I bet you like Craigslist?


kijiji chart 1 thumb What Is Kijiji? Is Craigslist Doomed?

They still have a ways to catch up to Craigslist..  (Craigslist in Green – kijiji in Red)

kijij chart 3 thumb What Is Kijiji? Is Craigslist Doomed?