Google Places Now Allows Business Owners To Leave Responses

Well it’s about time. For so many in hospitality, restaurant or other service related businesses, this is good news. It appears this new feature was rolled out today without warning, in fact one of our clients, Islander Inn Hotel, Ocean Isle Beach, informed me!
What I like about this new addition is no longer is the establishment at the mercy of a disgruntled ex-employee, or a stubborn guest/patron who likes to leave negative or unfounded remarks.
There are however some ethical reminders business owners want to consider, just so your response does not come back and bite you.
Google has some good information on that regard here. Also, take a look at these ground rules.

If you need help with your Google local listing, or all of your local search ’stuff’ don’t forget to look at our local search page, we’ll help you.

Take a look at the new addition:

islander inn reviews1 Google Places Now Allows Business Owners To Leave Responses

SEO Is Not Enough – There, I said it…

Yes, most of you know my background is Search Engine Optimization, and you can never substitute the powerful long term SEO effects for ROI, but lately my opinion has easily concluded SEO is not enough. Take a look at these screen-shots, then watch my video, you’ll see why…

seonotenough11 300x238 SEO Is Not Enough   There, I said it...seonot2 300x255 SEO Is Not Enough   There, I said it...

What are your thoughts? Do you think there is more than SEO today? Leave your thoughts below..

How Do You Get Backlinks Today?

Content…As you will see, Matt Cutts (Google) still encourages as we do at Perspective Internet Marketing, to have good, original, and authoritative content that people want to link to. Rules have changed these days for effective link building, and if you want to people to link to your website, you must be creative, have something “link worthy” in order to do so.  Sorry, but to have an effective search engine optimization campaign today takes work, and a lot of it. Remember, it’s all about relevancy, that’s part of Google’s algo, and it’s what the end user wants, so give it to them and you’ll be fine.  Listen closely as Matt gives great advice.
What are some effective link strategies you’d like to share?

hqdefault How Do You Get Backlinks Today?

Have You Got Your Google “Buzz This” Button?

gbuzz Have You Got Your Google Buzz This Button?

Google Buzz Plugin

We at PIM have mixed feelings about Google Buzz. Never have we seen such quick work at creating a “Buzz This” plugin, but we had to try it. Mashable had this plugin on their site literally within a day or 2, and was quick to provide an article on how to install it in Wordpress, this is a must read post!

Google Launches an online "Qualification" course for Google Analytics

google-analytics-screenshot-justaddwater-2007-05-09 Hot off the Google press.  They announced today that they will offer a online courses to people, and thus can become “Qualified.”  At first glance this is very similar to their Google Adwords course. Looking forward to taking this..wait, is this going to cost $50 also??

Here are the details:

Press release:

Google Analytics online course:

December 2008 Page Rank Update?

Looks like Google is adjusting their page rank, but some questions arise whether this is a tool-bar update?

Here is a report from SEORoundtable….

Google Ads now for Mobile Devices

Google is now formatting AdWords text and image ads for Android and iPhone mobile browsers. The ads can include mobile-only calls to action, and can be created from standard Google ads run on the Web.  More at the Google Mobile blogt Google Ads now for Mobile Devices.


Google Rolls Out SEO Starter Guide

Google SEO Guide

Google recently announced on their webmasters blog,  a 22 page pdf of best practices for search engine optimization.  Now since I am an SEO, I closely examined the information, and really do recommend anyone who would like to perform their own SEO, take a look this article, because it is what I teach, and practice to the “T.”  I do however take issue with #6, I’ll talk about that below the list.

What topics are covered in Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide?

  1. Difference between organic, and paid traffic.
  2. Creating unique, accurate page titles.
  3. Good practices for page title tags.
  4. Make use of the “description” meta tag.
  5. Good practices for description meta tags.
  6. Improve the structure of your URLs.
  7. Good practices for URL structure.
  8. Make your site easier to navigate.
  9. Good practices for site navigation.
  10. Offer quality content and services.
  11. Good practices for content.
  12. Write better anchor text.
  13. Use heading tags appropriately (H1 tags etc.)
  14. Good practices for heading tags.
  15. Optimize your use of images.
  16. Good practices for images.
  17. Make effective use of robots.txt file.

Google Chrome Browser? What’s Next!

google chrome Google Chrome Browser? Whats Next!Wow, Google is really on a roll these days.  Just in the last several months they have plans to roll out their Android software to compete with Apples iPhone, then weeks ago they launched Knol, a slow competitor to Wikipedia.

Now Google CHROME??  This new open source browser is supposed to take aim at Microsoft’s Iternet Explorer, and FireFox, truly amazing.  They also have a comic you can look at.  Tech Crunch has some pretty good info on this thing too.  Honestly, I am scared at What Google is doing, I mean they built their whole model on search, and pioneered the search industry, in my opinion they seem to be doing a bit too much, too soon.  What do you think?  I want your opinion…

Google Announces Improved Flash Site Crawling?

Yeah right.  Sure, this may help to some degree, however if you read these articles from their blog, it seems they are “Improving” or “doing a better job” at crawling flash web sites.  I personally would still never invest in a complete flash site…..Content is still king!  In fact, that is one aspect of this new algo they rolled out, to index flash “textual” content.

Take a look at these articles:

Google Learns to crawl flash

Improved flash indexing

By the way, if you notice the title of these articles, “Learns” and “improved” that should tell you not to drop everything and go build a flash site.  Personally I feel they are sending a wrong message.