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How Do You Get Backlinks Today?

Content…As you will see, Matt Cutts (Google) still encourages as we do at Perspective Internet Marketing, to have good, original, and authoritative content that people want to link to. Rules have changed these days for effective link building, and if you want to people to link to your website, you must be creative, have something “link worthy” in order to do so.  Sorry, but to have an effective search engine optimization campaign today takes work, and a lot of it. Remember, it’s all about relevancy, that’s part of Google’s algo, and it’s what the end user wants, so give it to them and you’ll be fine.  Listen closely as Matt gives great advice.
What are some effective link strategies you’d like to share?

hqdefault How Do You Get Backlinks Today?

Custom Facebook Fan Pages, Does Your Brand Have One?

400 Million + people now use Facebook, staggering numbers when you think that there are more users in Facebook than residents in several countries. Today’s Facebook has certainly evolved, it has now become a legitimate place to market your business, and keep your brand presence. To help with this trend, I am seeing more and more branding opportunities with custom Facebook fan pages. Facebook Fan Page Design

The benefits are powerful, and smart, take for example this screen-shot of one of our clients who has a “Beach Weddings in NC” website. Beautiful website, but they took things to a whole new branding level, they had a Facebook fan page designed to augment their online presence, and get their brand in front of 1000’s of potential brides! Notice this tab is set to default, this way visitors are steered to becoming a fan of this page, see the “call to action” arrow? Also, this custom html page was designed to reflect the same theme, and brand of the main website, but with a social media twist. Bottom line then is to consider having a custom Facebook fan page designed because they provide the following benefits: