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Where Are Cyber Monday Deals? Take A Look At These Web Sites!

cyber monday thumb Where Are Cyber Monday Deals? Take A Look At These Web Sites!

Cyber Monday 2008 is here! So where do you go for the best deals? Here are some of the best places to go that I found, as well as a few tips.  Oh, see the video to the right? Get some good reminders for shopping on Cyber Monday. Please bookmark this page so you can remember it, and tell others.

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Most popular web sites for Cyber Monday, 2008:

Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday – (Features over 550 major e-tailors)







Best Cyber Monday Sales





ebay Where Are Cyber Monday Deals? Take A Look At These Web Sites!


Ebay’s Special Cyber Monday page






Target’s special Cyber Monday page




twitter themes & backgounds Twitter themes (Backgrounds) Great deal on Cyber Monday.



Deal Taker

Deal Taker

Do You Twitter? You Need A Custom Twitter Background – For Free!

It’s amazing how fast Twitter has evolved.  I used to think of this micro-blogging tool as such a time waster until I actually started benefiting from it.  If you carefully choose who you follow, you can keep up on late breaking news, get hot tips in your general field, keep up to date with local twitter (er’s) too.

Something however was missing from my Twitter account that I slowly started seeing other people using, custom twitter backgrounds!  I must say that if you are truly going to jump into this revolution, you need a good Twitter theme to brand your business, and make you, or your product stand out.  Where do you find custom Twitter backgrounds or themes?  Well guess what, my wife graciously volunteered to make mine, but now has turned this into a very nice service.  You see she is a graphic designer, and naturally evolved into this new arena.  So if you need a Twitter background, take a look at our examples of custom themes.  If you are new to Twitter and would like to learn how to use it, here is a great free E-book on how to use twitter.

Web Designers and Internet Marketers Can Get Along

It’s true. When you typically think of IT type people and marketing people, you sometimes think of right brain/left brain reactions right? Well, I am glad to have as a connection, and colleague, Richard Perry from Akira Media web design in Wilmington, NC.  Our working together is PROOF that we can all get along, us SEO’s and web designers.  Akira media web design

Now I am not totally sure if he agrees that he is an "IT" guy, so I can’t wait to see his comments, but semantics aside, the bottom line is that you can, and should get along with each other to effectively reach your intended results, CLIENT SATISFACTION.

You see, if you are an search marketer and have a working relationship with your web designer,  more than likely you will be able to tackle a client with experience, and accomplish the most good for the client.  In addition, I can say working with Richard on projects, he knows what to expect from me, and I know what to expect from him, so we save tons of time.

Design Coding Rap – Big Mo Throws Down The Truth!

I have this video in my “fun” category, however I thought I would give this a little more lime-light, Big Mo, the poetic prophet, AKA “The SEO Rapper” raps about best practices for designing a website, with a SEO twist.  He is totally dead on with his points too.  Big Mo is off the Hizzy, Ma-nizzy…

Make Your Long Url’s Short Here!

Google Rolls Out SEO Starter Guide

Google SEO Guide

Google recently announced on their webmasters blog,  a 22 page pdf of best practices for search engine optimization.  Now since I am an SEO, I closely examined the information, and really do recommend anyone who would like to perform their own SEO, take a look this article, because it is what I teach, and practice to the “T.”  I do however take issue with #6, I’ll talk about that below the list.

What topics are covered in Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide?

  1. Difference between organic, and paid traffic.
  2. Creating unique, accurate page titles.
  3. Good practices for page title tags.
  4. Make use of the “description” meta tag.
  5. Good practices for description meta tags.
  6. Improve the structure of your URLs.
  7. Good practices for URL structure.
  8. Make your site easier to navigate.
  9. Good practices for site navigation.
  10. Offer quality content and services.
  11. Good practices for content.
  12. Write better anchor text.
  13. Use heading tags appropriately (H1 tags etc.)
  14. Good practices for heading tags.
  15. Optimize your use of images.
  16. Good practices for images.
  17. Make effective use of robots.txt file.