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Good Times At SMX – Tim Rockin Out Memory

I couldn’t help but resurrect this video this past February when he and I were at a search conference, this was a special event put on by Google called the “Google Groove”, Tim Kareoke’in !!!!

FaceBook + Indexing = $$

FaceBook Image

I happened to read an article today that is saying FaceBook is opening it’s public groups, wall posts, and discussion topics to get indexed by the search engines….Wow. FaceBook among other social media networks have been huge on security, so this is a bit of a surprise, but dollar signs are a huge motivator. Interestingly Twitter announced they would put a no-follow on links within it’s tweets etc., so the battle goes on. I am not sure if link juice will be passed on within FaceBook groups and posts, but still, all of the info you have been writing over the past year or two will soon be showing up in search results!

Why did they do this?

Simple, money. Think about it, if they can allow their pages to get indexed, this means more traffic, which will provide a higher monetization than it already has. Remember FaceBook has it’s own advertising platform…This is huge for them! You realize that FaceBook is one of the highest visited social media sites today? You think they are making money now, wait until all that juicy content gets indexed….

Google Chrome Browser? What’s Next!

google chrome Google Chrome Browser? Whats Next!Wow, Google is really on a roll these days.  Just in the last several months they have plans to roll out their Android software to compete with Apples iPhone, then weeks ago they launched Knol, a slow competitor to Wikipedia.

Now Google CHROME??  This new open source browser is supposed to take aim at Microsoft’s Iternet Explorer, and FireFox, truly amazing.  They also have a comic you can look at.  Tech Crunch has some pretty good info on this thing too.  Honestly, I am scared at What Google is doing, I mean they built their whole model on search, and pioneered the search industry, in my opinion they seem to be doing a bit too much, too soon.  What do you think?  I want your opinion…