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Web Video Commercials Are Still Hot!

I wanted to throw out a quick post to remind myself, and everyone that web videos are not only important for your site, but for your web site’s image.  Remember a web video commercial creates a powerful emotional experience for your viewers, and videos are just now gaining exponential momentum.  This May, 2008 there were a record 119 million unique viewers, up 20-30% from last year!  If you do not have a website video for your blog or site, I suggest you put that on your short list.  These days it’s even easier to track, and submit web videos, such as through Tube Mogul.  This free service allows you to upload your web video commercial to over a dozen video web sites, and aggregators.  Down the road I want to give another comprehensive post on videos, stay tuned.  In the mean time, take a look at some previous post’s on website video commercials.

Why Out Video On My Website?

Top 20 Ways To Optimize Your Videos For Search Engines

Are You Ready To Put Video On Your Website?

Everybody, Meet Coach Reggie!

Coach Reggie!

Yesterday I had the rare privilege of being a guest host on “Coach Reggie’s” weekly radio show here in my hometown. If you are looking for a business coach in Wilmington, NC, or anywhere (I think he does this nationally) you need to talk to Reggie.

What does he do? Check this out, Reggie Shropshire is a certified Wilmington Business Coach with ActionCOACH, the World’s #1  Business Coaching Franchise (Entrepreneur Magazine, Jan. 2004 & 2005).

Business Coach In Wilmington, NC

He focuses on 5 key areas to help a business succeed (But not limited to)

It’s so funny how I met Reggie, the Internet through “Word of Mouse!” You see he teaches fundamental principles to his clients that dove tails into what I do, so when we met last week, within minutes we added another notch in our network circle. He sees the power of the Internet, social media, and teaches, preaches this to his clients. He and I are a classic example of the power of the Internet and networking.  In fact, he is even hosting a seminar September 2nd, 2008 here in Wilmington entitled “Turning Social Media from Sociable to Profitable.”  (Sign up here if you can go) Finally, someone that gets it!

Internet Marketing MeetUp Group In Wilmington Now!

I am pleased to finally say there is a Wilmington, NC Search Engine Optimization (SEO) MeetUp group now in the Port City!

Click here to check out
The Wilmington Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing Group!

Poll: Name One Internet Marketing Tactic You Would Suggest

Top Ten Internet Marketing Tactics

Top Ten Internet Marketing Tactics

Well, after much time has elapsed (My fault), I finally have a list of the top internet marketing tactics that some of my friends and colleagues have assembled.  These are tips they personally have used, and highly recommend no doubt because of positive results.  Before I list these however, let me fill you in on a few of the people that helped with this.

Alex Paen – Real estate agent in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Richard Perry – Web designer in Wilmington, North Carolina

David Wallace – CAD drawing, engineer, architectural drawing pro.

Kevin Dean – Social Media Marketing Pro in Grand Rapids, MI

Nigel Cox – Tech Support Analyst, Internet Marketing Pro.

Dan Guay – SEO Specialist in the US, Canada & UK

Russell Burr – Recruiter for Onward Search, the top SEO placement agency

Jim Kinkade – Sales Manager for Audio Acoustics, Springfield, MO

Tim Moore – Owner of, Wedding Photographer in Kansas City, MO

As you can see, these come from several backgrounds, but each one gave a fantastic tactic, so here is the list!

My Favorite Wordpress Plugins

The other day I was asked what are my favorite plugins for Wordpress, especially for SEO. Well, although I posted this on another site, I thought I would also post it here. These are among my favorites for now, I am sure more will come out. Plugins are always evolving, just like the internet! Enjoy…

For SEO & Fun I recommend (And Use):

Cross Linker – Allows keywords to automatically hyperlink to other
sites (Anchor text to your other sites)

SEO All in one pack – Allows easy editing of meta info, permalink
edits…..This is to me a critical plugin.

Sociable Plugin – By far the best plugin for social network sharing,
email and print buttons.

Comment Relish – Send an e-mail message to users who comment on your
website who have never commented before. The message dispatched to the
user is defined within the plugin’s preferences.

Dagon Site Map – **Important..This is by far the easiest to install
site map.…

Feedburner Feedsmith – Access your original WordPress feeds and
redirects them to your FeedBurner feed

SEO friendly Images – Automatically updates all images with proper ALT
and TITLE attributes