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Search Engine Optimization Services, Wilmington, NC

What a bland title, search engine optimization services Wilmington, NC..Why this title?  Well, this happens to be the city I live in, and I have been pleasantly surprised at the interest lately with internet marketing, namely SEO here.
There are just a few web marketing companies here, and just a couple seem to cater towards focusing on search engine marketing, but I think Wilmington is growing up!  This is something I have been waiting for for about 4 years now!  In the last year, I have received more inquries for my services here more than ever, and just the last month or two, an overwhelming amount.  I say bring it…We need to grow up here in Wilmington, and need to realize the time is now to optimize your site, and I am more than happy to help!  If you want to go at it alone, remember we also offer internet marketing training in Wilmington, NC!

Green Communities, Our Future Villages?

Recently I have taken on a very interesting task, that of marketing for a website featuring green communities, and/or sustainable communities. This is very educational, yet eye opening. It has dawned on me that the future of the earth is now. Yes, that’s a deep comment isn’t it! Well every now and then it serves good mental health to step back and appreciate how you help websites, especially with a strong message like Eco communities, or our future villages. Take a look at their blog as well, it will keep you posted on eco development news across the US. For an interesting summary of the future of Sustainable Communities, you have to take a look at this Knol, a new “wikipedia type” directory from Google.

Good health to you!

Take a look at the Links on the site:

Green Builders In The US

Green Building Criteria

Green Resources

Green News

Google Announces Improved Flash Site Crawling?

Yeah right.  Sure, this may help to some degree, however if you read these articles from their blog, it seems they are “Improving” or “doing a better job” at crawling flash web sites.  I personally would still never invest in a complete flash site…..Content is still king!  In fact, that is one aspect of this new algo they rolled out, to index flash “textual” content.

Take a look at these articles:

Google Learns to crawl flash

Improved flash indexing

By the way, if you notice the title of these articles, “Learns” and “improved” that should tell you not to drop everything and go build a flash site.  Personally I feel they are sending a wrong message.

I Found A Great Real Estate Marketing Resource!

Active Rain Logo

With the real estate landscape extremely difficult, it is increasingly difficult for agents, brokers, and internet marketers to throw efforts into a sinking ship, but remember, real estate always rebounds.  That is why I am active as ever trying to create resources to keep my clients happy, and build my real estate niche.

WIth that, I found ActiveRain.  This is an incredible resource for real estate agents, marketers, brokers, mortgage gurus, you name it, to post your story, resume, portfolio, even set up your own real estate blog!

Take a look at my portfolio & Blog:

My ActiveRain Real Estate Portfolio-Wilmington, NC
My ActiveRain Real Estate Blog-Wilmington, NC