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Postlets Are Awesome! Real Estate Marketing 2.0

Today I came across an interesting and savvy website that allows you to create free templates, and real estate flyers. Yeah I know, free web flyers are not new, for example I use Vflyer all the time; however POSTLETS is geared towards the real estate market, which is my focus for now. If you are dabbling in real estate, you have to give these a try! Not only do they create web 2.0 type web flyers, but once you have completed the 5 steps, you can choose your own color scheme, and then it will put your flyer in queue to be uploaded (syndicated) to the top real estate aggregators such as Zillow, Oodle, Trulia and more. Oh, did I tell you this is free??

Take a look at two ads I created:

Amazon Is Down!? Why??

I just got a text message from a colleague, he told me is down. Sure enough, at the time of this posting, Amazon at 2:00 p.m. east coast time is DOWN!!! Take a look if still down.

I am sure there will be much buzz as to why, so stay tuned to Red Vw Bus to find out why. Do you realize how huge this is??? Amazon’s website is down!!! Wow, just wow. You realize the loss of income??

Also, what about S3?  The repercussions of this outage could be huge.  For those of you who are not familiar with Amazon’s service, (S3) here is a good definition from Wikipedia.

Real Estate Internet Marketing – Is It Wise Today?

Absolutely. With the nation struggling in real estate sales, please real estate people, please do not roll over and abandon marketing efforts. With online searching increasing 25-26% every year, now is the time to look to the internet more than ever before.

Well then, what opportunities are there to bulk up your web presence? Below I list several websites, and measurable products you really need to consider to keep a step ahead of your competitors. Take special note of the first one, blogs! I read an interesting article that talks about the wisdom of starting a real estate blog. In this article, it refers to a CNN article that gave stats that show leads and sales increased as a result of real estate blogs.

Ok, so lets get with the tips, and sites to advertise on. (Keep in mind this is a partial list, I will add to this as time goes by)