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Introducing – Mason Landing Yacht Club, Wilmington, NC

What a fantastic client we have. Mason Landing Yacht Club is one heck of a community, and the amenities they offer will be plenty. Our goal will be to drive potential buyers to the site, and encourage them to invest in an exclusive waterfront community in Wilmington, NC. This will be a fun project, and I am sure along the way I will post findings, and cool techniques to get them traffic!

Take a look at their location, and website. The site was designed by Wilmington’s best web design company, Akira Media.

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Yahoo! Is Exposing Spammers..In The Organic Listings!

Wow, could this be yet another ’show-off’ attempt to attract a potential bailout buy from Microsoft? I don’t think so. Yahoo has always had issues with e-mail spammers, and the load given to thier email servers, so I think this is a creative way to send a message to web site owners to clean up their act, or get flagged dead center in the organic search results. Take a look at this example I found today. They are apparently flagging sites they feel have placed thier email address on the web, an unsolicited action, and are skirting on a violation of the can-spam act law. This is surely going to tick alot of site owners off, such as, a web design firm in Wilmington, NC.
My good friend Corey at Hippo Internet Marketing just gave me a tip of this news being published on other sites, including Yahoo’s blog.
Notice the red triangle:
yahoospam12 Yahoo! Is Exposing Spammers..In The Organic Listings!
Notice the SERP’s listing:
yahoospam21 Yahoo! Is Exposing Spammers..In The Organic Listings!

This box appears when you click the link:
yahoospam31 Yahoo! Is Exposing Spammers..In The Organic Listings!

Then this box when you click ‘More Details’
yahoospam41 Yahoo! Is Exposing Spammers..In The Organic Listings!

Google Testing Images On Google Product Queries?

I just happened to do some random searches today only to find that when you do a search for a part number, of specific search on a product, they are showing an image next to the three results that appear on the first page of SERP’s. Obviously this is a further step towards Google’s Universal search, or “Blended Search” as some call it. I think this will certainly create more clickthroughs on Google products. Remember tests have shown that an image is more likely to get a click. Take a sneak peek below:  (Picture coming soon, it dissipeared on me???)

Who Is This Schwag Queen Addict?

Tamar Weinberg Picture Her name is Tamar Weinberg, and she is quite the schwag collector. I have never met Tamar, but have to admit it would be great to meet her because she has such an eclectic resume! I stumbled upon one her stories she wrote for SearchEngineLand on Schwag of a SMX conference I attended. I also sent her a prized possession I picked up there, a rare Google pen..this thing was “phat”, so she could add this to her constant desire of collecting Schwag.

There is more to Tamar however, you see she is also a freelance writer and internet marketing consultant, a professional blogger, social media marketer, and much more.  Tamar’s primary blog is called Techipedia where she showcases her enthusiasm. We gotta love people like this. She thinks vertically and outside the box, has the pulse on whats new with SEM & SMM, much more than I. Tamar is also available for web strategy, blogging, and social media consultations. If you would like to touch base with her about the consulting services and availability, feel free to email Tamar at tamar (at) techipedia (dot) com.

Hail the Schwag queen