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“Worldwide Epidemic of Shyness”

“Email, text messaging, cell phones and iPods along with PC’s are causing a teen listening to ipod Worldwide Epidemic of Shynessglobal epidemic of shyness,” reports Australia’s Sunday Telegraph.  According to psychologist and Harvard Business School researcher Robin Abrahams, who is conducting a case study on the Worldwide Epidemic Of Shyness, she reports shyness in social situations now affects about 50% of the population, which represents a significant rise over past levels. 

“Technology is enabling us to opt out of difficult situations and causing people to 0%2C%2C5636424%2C00 Worldwide Epidemic of Shynessbecome more insular,” says Abrahams. “What we have is an increasingly complex social environment, combined with less practice at dealing with it because of technology.  People . . . email or text one another rather than talk. ”

Interesting.  What do you think about this subject? [Please text or leave a comment.] :-)

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Rapping About Web Design

You have to check this out! This video is off the hizzy, nizzy ma-nizzle! His name is Mo, and he works for an internet marketing company called Poplabs, and is known in the YouTube community, and SEM field as the Poetic Prophet (AKA The SEO Rapper).

Google Say’s Goodbye To Performics (Marketing)

It was announced today by Google and Matt Cutts blog that they are going sell the Internet Marketing aspect of Performics to a third party to avoid a conflict of interest.  Woo Hoo!!  I think we are all glad to hear about that.

Read more about this below:

Google’s Blog

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Skype 3.8 for Windows now in Beta

Skype has announced the beta version of Skype 3.8 for Windows, which contains an improved and optimized audio library. No need to lower your voice here. Let rip, for speaking your mind never sounded so good on Skype before.Here’s the main improvements:

— Significantly reduced background noise
— Less delay
— Fewer call drops
— Fewer cut-outs
— Change your headset, headphones or microphone without having to fiddle with settings

Now, give the new beta version a try (if you have a VOIP phone) go ahead and download it.


Google Gets Deeper Into the Mobile Market

For some time now Google has been showing that it is, indeed, serious about being a (if not the) major player in the mobile advertising market.  After launching the mobile advertising platform (which is like AdSense for the mobile), Google is now dabbling in the mobile social networks market in a big way.

Google has their own SM site,, but have also taken over , a company that makes it possible for marketers to send advertising messages to mobile social networks.  Zingku allows users to share a variety of information like content, pictures, text messages, video, email and other activities all over your mobile device.

A very interesting feature that Zingku has introduced is the flyer function.  The function makes it possible for marketers to send promotional messages to Zingku members who can choose to receive these messages via a “zing code”.   The flyer function allows members to interact with these promotional messages by allowing them to travel through text and picture messages. (Welcome to the 21st century!)