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Linking – Re-designing, Outbound Links Can Affect Your Rankings

Today’s final track on linking included some of the brightest brains we know today, Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land, Nathan Buggia from MSN, Matt Cutts from Google, Pryank Garg from Yahoo!, Peter Linsley from ASK, Todd Malicoat & Rae Hoffman representing the SEM’s.

There were several discussions about how to preserve your link juice when you move a domain, re-design etc., The simple solution as was mentioned is to make sure your 301 redirects are in place.  Also, if you have a large site, you should move and re-direct in small chunks to determine the loss, or stability of your link equity.

Regarding outbound links, the panels comments somewhat puzzled me, that outbound links can affect your rankings? Say what?  Yes, that’s what I heard, but here is the qualifier.  If you link out to lots & lots of “bad neighborhood” sites, they pretty much said this can affect your link equity.  Obviously this is not happening all the time, however I did not know this.  So the point is just be careful right? Don’t start giving people your hard earned link juice if they are not worthy, especially if you are doing this thinking it will drive you traffic, or PR.  It won’t help your PR, it can hurt it (if you abuse it), you may get traffic, but the wrong traffic.  Nuff said!

RedVWBus At Google Groove

Live From SMX! SEO Q&A

Ty and I are live from the main hall A1, here in Santa Clara, California, with a panel of Danny Sullivan (CEO , Bruce Clay (CEO Bruce Clay International), Jill Whalen (CEO, Todd Friersen (VP Google Technologies), Greg Boser (SEO Consultant) and Stephan Spencer (President  Here are the questions and the comments from the panel.

1. When desgining a website – use iframes or ajax?  ANSWER: Cloke, have a workaround.  Ajax is good for cleaning your toilet, not for SEO.

2. What is your favorite keyword research tool? ANSWER:  Jill – Keyword discovery  Bruce – Bruce’s own tools  Greg – Keyword discovery  Todd-Firefox tools?  Everyone has thier own tools, use what works for you…

Bruce says analytics tools will be even more critical for future.. (Duh)  tools? for wow factor.

3. Optimum words in title tag? H1 Tag?  COMMENTS: H1 tag still is important.  Very useful, synergistic. Increase chances for crawabilty.

Title tag…Jill says fit 3 keyword phrases in title tag.  Greg says do not put commas in TT.  Jill says you can make TT longer than 90-100 characters??

Bruce says average 7 words in TT.  Just make TT compelling.

Reminder – Multivariate Testing

At SMX – Day 2 – , Ty and I were reminded of the importance of testing site content and it’s importance. (It is easy to forget some of these elements).  Multivariate testing was stressed big time on day 2, to learn all you can about your audience and what combinations of site copy and images generate the most customer conversions, which is the bottom line.

You know about this free tool, we just forget sometimes to utilize it in our site analysis’.

  twm blog sig Reminder   Multivariate Testing

Blended Search Results Here To Stay!

Repeated over and over at SMX is that Blended Results are the hot new trend (trend isn’t the right word, more like Tsunami) with serious staying power and looks like it will be changing, enhancing universal search dramatically (from vertical search to user intent results) for the better.  Among some of the relationship ‘faucets’ that are going to personalize traditional search results, are  must for IM’s to dial into advantage of Blended Results now are:

     The average Internet browser today [in mid-2008] watches about 5 minutes of Internet video per day.  That’s projected to jump to 45 minutes a day by 2011.

To be successful, these are recommendations to separate yourself from the casual YouTube video postings.

SMM – Social Media Marketing and SEO, Critical To Get Traffic?

Coming out of this topic today at SMX, it was apparent that SMM, or “Social Media Marketing” is shaping the SEO landscape, and should absolutely become a factor in your marketing plan. Getting your content or newsworthy items in the major social media sites will not only create a buzz about your product or site, but can contribute to valuable links, critical to any site owners link building strategy campaign.

It was mentioned today that in the past year, traffic to social media sites have increased 668%!!! Think about that, 668%!!! How then can you morph this into an SEO program? Well, there were several things, but take note of some points that were of interest:

There is much more on this topic…again, stay tuned!

SMX Update – What Is The Golden Triangle? Blended Search?

In short, this is part of the new “Blended Results” revolution. I attended a track today at SMX on video, images, and blended results, which emphasized how critical it will be in the coming year to saturate the golden triangle (Based on algorithmic calculations).

What exactly is the golden triangle, and how do you get there?

The Golden triangle as explained is a new term attached to getting results in the top positions of the SERP but with a twist. What’s the twist?

Video, Images, Blogs!

Blended search has drastically changed the landscape of how companies and search marketers will want to proceed with their marketing efforts. Eye tracking studies have recently shown tremendous changes in how people react to blended search.

In fact, one speaker today showed that users scanning patterns changed big time when an image was shown in the results page, their eyes immediately dropped to the image!

You see, search engines (MSN is actually best) are now including blog articles, news items, images, and videos in the SERP’s, so if you want to be in the Golden triangle today, you NEED to start focusing on getting your blog articles, images, news or videos indexed so as to hopefully have a dominating appearance in this area.

New Yahoo Open Search Platform Announced Publicly Today!

Yahoo Open Search Platform picture

For the first time in public, Tim and I heard the announcement today from Amit Kumar, director of product management at Yahoo search.  I shot the whole announcement in video and will post this later.  But for now here is the short list of this huge announcement and the improvements:

If you look at the picture I took today, you can see what I mean from the bullet points.  More to come later!!


You Better Watch Your Display URL! Google Will Getcha!

It appears that Google is coming down a tad hard on those that are using redirect and vanity URL’s as display URL’s. They don’t seem to be playin’ either, they made mention that this will be strictly enforced in about 5 weeks, starting April 1st, 2008. Below is an excerpt of their post and a direct link if you want to read it.

An update to display URL policy

“In response to advertiser and user feedback, and in an effort to provide more relevant advertising results and a higher quality experience for our users, we have made the decision to no longer allow certain exceptions with regards to our display URL policy. This includes, but is not limited to redirects and vanity URLs. This policy will be strictly enforced regardless of past approvals and will apply to all advertisers, beginning on April 1st. “

I Can’t Wait For SMX – California Here We Come!

SMX West

Well, it’s just a few days away, and I can hardly wait. My brother (Tim) and I will be attending Search Marketing Expo West in Santa Clara California. Today I spent time reviewing the sessions I want to attend, so many good ones though!! I want to spend much of my time in sessions related to online videos, local search, and pay per click tips and tricks.

I will try my best to keep up on the blogging, I have several friends that want to hear all the current trends. A good friend and colleague Corey Creed at Hippo Internet Marketing wants me to key in on the latest talk of Web 3.0, and the secret search engine!

Are there any topics you would like for me to take special note of? Please let me know!